Video Lectures

Planned is a series of 21 video lectures. Of these, 11 are now posted as “beta” versions.

The videos are available in a playlist on YouTube here.  I like watching lectures on YouTube because I can increase the playback speed when needed  :-)

You can view or download the lectures here. Links for downloading individual lectures can be found below.

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Introductory lectures

1.1 Two astonishing phenomena make single-particle reconstruction possible.

1.2 Two severe problems limit what cryo-EM can do.

1.3* The microscope


2.1 Complex numbers and the complex exponential

2.2 Defocus phase contrast

2.3a The Fourier transform in one dimension

2.3b Fourier transform: convolution, sampling and Nyquist

2.4 The Fourier transform in two and three dimensions

2.5* Initial 3D models from common lines and Random Conical Tilt

2.6* Electron tomography

Cryo-EM image processing

3.1a Random variables

3.1b Random variables in cryo-EM

3.2 Correlation and power spectrum

3.3* CTF estimation and Wiener filter

3.4* Frealign

Statistical estimation theory and reconstruction

4.1 Forward model of EM image formation

4.2* The E-M algorithm

4.3* Relion

4.4* Classification

Evaluation of single-particle results

5.1* Resolution measures

5.2* Validation methods

* Tentative titles for coming lectures

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